Reverent Handling of Scripture

Consider these quotes from the introduction to Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospel of John.

We live in a day of abounding vagueness and indistinctness on doctrinal subjects in religion.

I hold not only that the Bible contains the Word of God, but that every jot of it was written, or brought together, by Divine inspiration, and is the Word of God.

I must be allowed to add, that in interpreting Scripture, I “call no man master or father.” I abhor the idea of wresting and warping God’s Word in order to make it support party views.

I am content to remember that all inspiration is a miraculous operation of the Holy Ghost, and, like every operation of the Holy Ghost, must needs be mysterious.

I believe that the whole Bible, as it came originally from the hands of the inspired writers, was verbally perfect and without flaw. I believe that the inspired writers were infallibly guided by the Holy Ghost, both in their selection of matter and their choice of words. I believe that even now, when we cannot explain alleged difficulties in Holy Scripture, the wisest course is to blame the interpreter and not the text, to suspect our own ignorance to be in fault, and not any defect in God’s Word.

I believe that the want of our age is not more “free” handling of the Bible, but more “reverent” handling, more humility, more patient study, and more prayer.

AMEN brother!


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