Some Great Deals Going On

I have to post this somewhere! I hope some of you will take advantage of the great deals going on in cyber space. Some more notable ones are:


Truth for Life Attic Sale (Alistair Begg)

They even have Jerry Bridges’ “Respectable Sins” for half off.  The Gettys’ CD called “In Christ Alone” is a great deal!


Sovereign Grace Ministries is having a whopper of a sale on their books and CDs.  Excellent chance to stock up on great music and CJ Mahaney’s books!  Included in the deal is Carolyn McCulley’s newest book: “Radical Womanhood“.


I just received my huge copy of Richard Baxter’s “The Christian Directory” from Reformation Heritage Books that I bought for half price at $30!


Also, download your free audiobook of the month: David Batstone’s “Not For Sale”.


If you know of a good deal going on, please share it with me! I’ll be sure to spread the good news around. 🙂


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