“Run in With Robbers”

Oh my. Please read this account of this man getting attacked and robbed.  

After that, read the latest update here.  I am in tears to see not only how God takes the scum of the earth (me!) and does a life-changing work, He gave His precious Son, Jesus to do it! 

Thank You, my Lord and my God!


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  1. Annemarie
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 05:34:20

    Wow. Julie, that was amazing! Thanks for leading me to that post. And to that site because from there, I linked to this site:

    Wow again!!



  2. Annemarie
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 05:38:17

    I wanted to add that I am extremely thankful for you. I don’t know how you find all of this great stuff, but it is like you are my personal web searcher. 🙂 All of the stuff that you post is so incredibly helpful to me in my walk with Christ as I seek to be transformed into His likeness. Really, thanks!



  3. JenIG
    Mar 13, 2009 @ 14:53:24

    holy mozers, that really is incredible.

    i’m looking forward to seeing you, soon!!!


  4. julesnpebbles
    Mar 15, 2009 @ 23:20:57

    Aww, Annemarie! Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words. I thank God for the wonderful world of blogging and technology that is used for His glory!

    Jen Ig! I’m really looking forward to April! So, Marsha will be there… doesn’t she live in Texas? They have great conventions – or does she live in Tennessee with y’all? 🙂


  5. JenIG
    Mar 23, 2009 @ 11:09:00

    nope, i wish marshie lived tn. she is one neato lady . i wish you lived in tn too!


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