My newest finds 5-19-09

I’m always finding new links, blogs, articles, stores, deals etc. and I would like to list them here regularly so that they are not just lost in my growing link sidebar.  So, very Challies-like, I’ll be regularly listing some interesting finds (without quite as much detail as Challies indulges us with!).  Hope these will bless you!



Since I’ve mentioned his blog already, let’s start with Tim Challies’ blog.  Interesting blog entries, great (and extensive) book reviews, latest discussions on current issues, conversations, anything that is sure to create a stir in reformed circles.  Definitely a must-visit!



Here’s a webzine called NEXT that looks interesting.  In the line-up this week are theological heavy-hitters like D.A. Carson and worship leader extraordinaire, Bob Kauflin of Sovereign Grace Music. 



For the Discovery and Recovery of Biblical Womanhood.  They have a post this week for Pastors’ Wives on 10 Questions for Pastors’ Wives.


Truths We Confess: 3 Volume set by R. C. Sproul on sale for $34.50 (50% off) at Monergism.  I ordered this for our church library and I think this will be an excellent resource.  I want one for my own library!  I might not agree with everything (i.e. eschatological or paedo-baptism views), I always benefit from Sproul’s writings and this extensive one looks like one to delve into! 



I don’t think enough people are aware of this wonderful ministry called Chapel Library by Mount Zion Bible Church in Florida.  If you would like a taste of Puritan writings, Spurgeon, excellent reformed theology … for FREE then you must contact this organization for some of their resources.  I have been so blessed by their publications as well as their online material.  The website is a bit primitive but they are a non-profit group.  They also have free and extensive Bible studies that are reformed and very well done.  Bookmark this one!  And consider partnering with them so that the Lord can continue to bless many through this unique ministry!


If you find something noteworthy, I’d really love for you to share them with me!


*I’m having a hard time formatting this on WordPress. The spacing and underlining has come out all strange and I can’t fix it. Oh well!*






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